As the mother of four, I have been right where you are right now. I know all the anticipation, the excitement and even the nerves of expecting a new little one. I also know how fleeting this moments are and how even though you want to remember them all, it is hard once it is over to recapture the emotions and moments that happen in this unique time in your life. When photographing births I want to document in such a way that you are transported back to the day your baby was born in an instant. 

how I approach birth photography:

I will photograph your birth in any setting you choose: hospital, home birth, or birthing center. I photograph all births with available light, perferring not to use flash and interrupt the flow of your birth. When photographing births I do not pose you in any way, I prefer to focus on emotions, relationships and moments. There is nothing more real than the labor and delivery process and the first few moments with a new life. My passion is to forever document these fleeting moments. I love to meet with you beforehand so we can discuss what your expectations are and so you are comfortable with having me in your delivery room. After the happy event I deliver the images (usually all in black and white) and a video slideshow. 

Questions? Please contact me and I would be happy to chat with you about the experience!